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Sequent Realty is a real estate development company that features the design and construction process on its website for an in-fill development project in South Oceanside, CA.

The collection of videos exhibit the step-by-step process of developing relatively smaller scale projects.


Adaptive Rugs is the product distribution website developed by the designer of the three styles of the Free Pattern carpet tile collection manufactured by Joy Carpets, Inc.

The three styles Cocoon, Clockwork and Etruscan each demonstrate a unique tiling method in which numerous different flooring arrangements can be designed merely by altering the rotations of the tiles during assembly.

A tacky, non-adhesive installation method is environmentally friendly and allows the tiles to be rotated over time.

Tile Spin is a mobile app brainteaser scramble puzzle that has varying levels of difficulty.

At the start, the player is offered the easiest tile to solve. A pattern appears on the screen and the user must memorize it. By tapping the screen, the tiles rotate randomly to scramble the pattern. The time clock begins ticking as the user taps tiles to rotate them until the original target pattern is achieved again. With each level passed, a more difficult target pattern is presented.

After completing the first four levels of a tile, a more difficult tile design is presented. And the process repeats itself for 12 different tile designs. After the 4th level of the 12th tile is completed, 10 levels for each tile are unlocked, each with increasing pattern complexity.

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